Meet Daniel Irvin

Title of his photo series: "The Eye of the Beholder"

Biography: D. iRvin is an editorial and commercial photographer, specializing in people and fashion photography with an artistic style consisting of imagination, vibrant colors, textures, and lines.

D. iRvin has always been surrounded by photography, thanks to his mother always capturing every moment of their family’s lives on film. He grew up with a love for drawing, which eventually turned into painting, then transitioned to computer graphics, and ultimately into what he truly enjoys doing now, photography. In 2007 while choosing electives for his last semester at The New England Institute of Art, he noticed a photography class was available. He had always taken photos for fun with a regular “point and shoot” camera, but never considered it as a career. The first day of class he was introduced to the world of photography and immediately knew that it was the artistic outlet his life was missing. That same day he purchased his first professional camera.

As D.iRvin began to learn more about photography and began to share his work with the world through social media sites, his work immediately received a lot of positive attention and soon he was being hired for professional photography jobs. Now after 9 years of perfecting his craft, he has had the pleasure to of photographing many awesome things. From concerts, to weddings, and fashion; which has allowed him to be able to express himself artistically through the lens.

D. iRvin loves photography and the art one is able to create with it. For him it is a great job and a wonderful lifestyle which he would never trade it in for anything; even if he won the mega millions, but he did say he may take a break for a week if that were to happen.