Meet Sparklle Thames - Sparklle T

Garment #1:
Corset/beaded skirt


This was the 1st corset I ever made and the 1st piece I created for my Senior Collection at Lasell College.  Although I as in design school, I had to each myself how to make it. I had decided I wanted to do a lingerie collection, which scared a few of my instructors, but I promised to keep it classy and elegant.  My teacher at the time did not know how to teach me how to make a corset, so I ordered some books off of Amazon and figured it out as I went along. During the summer before my senior year I had transitioned from campus life and moved back home as I prepared for the arrival of my daughter who was due that July.  Having a newborn required a lot of time and energy, as you can imagine, and I started to rely on my daily commute to school as the only time I could focus and be by myself. It was during this ride on the Green line that I was able to work on this corset as well as a few other pieces that made up the collection. I would literally set up an area around me and take out my embroidery hoop, and my needle and thread and get to work.  This garment symbolizes for me my perseverance. That was a very difficult year for me, as I struggled many times wit the temptation to give up and quit school to get a job and focus on my new daughter. I keep this piece of work to remind myself of the beauty that I am capable of creating when I put my all into it despite what is circling around me.

Garment # 2


Over the last few years, I have made a bit of everything, but I have come to really love swimwear.  Although I would not classify myself exclusively as a swimwear designer, I have become popular for them. This swimsuit is a good representation of my love for playing around with colors, shapes, and textures.  

Biography: Since obtaining her degree in Fashion Design and Production at Lasell College in 2006, Sparklle Thames has been slowly making her stamp on the Boston fashion scene. Although she started out primarily as a lingerie designer, she has grown to become recognized for her well-structured and eye-catching corsets and bustiers.   She has also been known to show swimwear, as she did for 2008's Beauty and the Beats and 2011's BU fashion show. Also to her credits: Boston Fashion Expose 2008 and 2009, The Beast of Fashion (iMan Model Management Group) and the Elements of Pose,(Aidiree Fashion Agency) where she was able to show alongside Project Runway’s Korto Momolu. At the close of 2008, she was declared Designer of the Year by Style It Up, a local Boston cable show devoted to showcasing the talent of New England designers.  

In addition to making custom clothing, Sparklle T is also freelancing as a make-up artist.  She has been involved in countless projects, including television shows, music videos, fashion shows and many many more. Sparklle T's current focus remains on make-up artistry and custom clothing. Also, She is the Creative Director for Boston Caribbean Fashion Week.