Meet Tobi Makinde

Title of his photo series: Photo Canvas; The Beauty in Photography in Art.

Biography: Tobi Makinde started photography by happenstance in 2010. He was formerly an oil painter, that wanted to take simple pictures of my work. At the time, Tobi could not find a photographer to do the job for me. So he decided to buy a cheap camera and take the shots myself. It was a great decision, because coincidentally, a family member needed a photographer for his wedding. He have not looked back ever since.

His focus has been portraits, beauty, and using the people as my canvas. Tobi aims to capture beauty through the eyes of my lens.  He tries to tell stories through my images, subtle or not. His goal has always been to inspire my viewers to understand the possibilities of imaginative image making. His tools have evolved as he have grown as an artists, and he have been able to express himself a lot more in the last 8 years.

Tobi once started as an artist sketching and painting my ideas, now, he paints with light. His goal is to inspire other artists to understand that regardless of the medium, the artists creates the ideas.