Due to the unpredictable rainy weather for August 7, the show will take place on August 9 at 12 pm

Caribbean Catwalk is a special Boston Caribbean Fashion Week program hosted by Platform Downtown + Downtown Boston BID.

Caribbean Catwalk will provide an opportunity for local fashion designers to show their creations to the public.

Fashion designers at every stage of their careers (that includes student fashion designers) are invited to participate in this open-air fashion show on The Steps in Downtown Crossing on

Wednesday, August 9, 2019 at 12:00 pm.

There is
no charge to participate or attend.

Althea Blackford, the Founder and Executive Producer of Boston Caribbean Fashion Week, will serve as host of Caribbean Catwalk. She will be accompanied by a panel of local industry leaders.

The Rules:

Designers must pre-register.

Registration closes on Friday, August 2, 2019.*

*Please note registration may close earlier if demand exceeds capacity.

Anyone who has not pre-registered will be turned away.

Registered designers will be contacted with the exact location of the staging area.

Designer and their models must be available from 10:30a - 2:00pm 

Caribbean Catwalk is an apparel show. Carnival costume and accessory designers may apply for a spot.

Allocations to accessory designers will be made space permitting.

Designers may show a minimum of one (1) ensemble/maximum of four (4) ensembles.

Multiple looks will be shown together.

Since this is a summer time Caribbean fashion show, we highly encourage lots of color in your ensembles from swimwear (tasteful for a family friendly audience), bright colorful ensembles, cultural ensembles

Organizers reserve the right to retract the invitation to show on the Caribbean Catwalk if any garments are deemed inappropriate for the daytime Downtown Crossing audience.

Designers provide their own models for the show. Organizers will NOT provide models or hold a casting for this particular show. 

Designers are required to arrive with a model that is ready for the runway.

This means that model(s) must be dressed with completed hair and makeup, and arrive 
no later than 11am on Wednesday, August 9, 2019.

The staging area will not accommodate unprepared designers/models.

Register below and we will be in contact with you.