Designer: Nacinimod Deodee

Designer line: The House of Nassat

Country Representing: Commonwealth of Dominica


Designer Biography: No one word can encapsulate the magnitude of his artistic prowess. Hailing from the island paradise of Dominica, Nacinimod Deodee migrated to Brooklyn NY in the mid nineties with his mother and two brothers. Shortly thereafter, he immersed himself in to the artistic Brooklyn scene and became a key player in shaping the visual aesthetic and cultural dynamics of the landscape. Predominantly known for his crochet creations that leaves the viewer perplexed by the possibility, Nacinimod creates in a myriad of mediums. Fine jewelry maker, t-shirts designer and leather smith to name a few. The House of Nassat, a full lifestyle brand, was born out of the desire to consolidate all of his creative ideas in to a cohesive palette. Leaning heavily on his Caribbean roots infused with his gritty Brooklyn upbringing, Nacinimod takes you on a journey of color and pattern seamlessly woven together to tell a story of triumph over adversity. 

Brief description of the collection: Highly tailored men and women crochet garments with a modern edge.

Designer: Yolanda Sealy

Designer Line: Dress With Confidence

Country Representing: Barbados


Designer Biography: Boston Boutique designer Yolanda Sealy will present the latest in contemporary African garments.

Designer: Sparklle Thames

Designer line: Sparklle T

Country Representing: United States


Designer Biography: Since obtaining her degree in Fashion Design and Production at Lasell College in 2006, Sparklle Thames has been slowly making her stamp on the Boston fashion scene. Although she started out primarily as a lingerie designer, she has grown to become recognized for her well-structured and eye-catching corsets and bustiers.   She has also been known to show swimwear, as she did for 2008's Beauty and the Beats and 2011's BU fashion show. Also to her credits: Boston Fashion Expose 2008 and 2009, The Beast of Fashion (iMan Model Management Group) and the Elements of Pose,(Aidiree Fashion Agency) where she was able to show alongside Project Runway’s Korto Momolu. At the close of 2008, she was declared Designer of the Year by Style It Up, a local Boston cable show devoted to showcasing the talent of New England designers.  

In addition to making custom clothing, Sparklle T is also freelancing as a make-up artist.  She has been involved in countless projects, including television shows, music videos, fashion shows and many many more. Sparklle T's current focus remains on make-up artistry and custom clothing. Also, She is the Creative Director for Boston Caribbean Fashion Week.

Designer: Damilola Gilbert

Designer line: DamiV.

Country Representing: Nigeria


Designer Biography: DamiV. is inspired by Afrocentric heritage and fused with rich Ankara prints. Her designs deliver contemporary garments and each and every one is handcrafted to perfection. Damilola is a recent graduate of Lasell College.

Brief description of the collection: Richly bold Ankara prints that embodies Nigerian culture define Lagos Market collection through expressive textiles and Westernized silhouettes. This merge creates functional chaos through the juxtaposition of color, line, and embellishments that captures the intensity of traditional artistic expression in wearable forms. The energetic strength of this collection suits a fast-paced environment for those who wish to be courageously confident. 

BCFW 2018 Featured Designers

Carnival Costume Designer: K'Sean Burrell-Nanton

Carnival Costume group: Mas n' Motion

Country Representing: Caribbean


Designer Biography: K'Sean Burrell-Nanton is a costume designer based in New England, Massachusetts. He designs carnival costumes and swimwear for the Caribbean festival. Growing up, he was constantly lost in the land of pencil shavings and costume sketches. His journey through designing has led him to this point. This is his first year participating in a Fashion Week and his aim is to bring designs that haven't seen on the road. 

Brief description of the collection: He will present an eclectic collection of carnival costumes and accessories that are inspired by the beauty of island culture. Look out for them in Boston Carnival 2019!

Featured Designers