Designer: Yolanda Sealy

Designer Line: Dress With Confidence

Country Representing: Barbados


Designer Biography: Boston Boutique designer Yolanda Sealy will present the latest in contemporary African garments with a Bajan flavor

Designer: Prince Citi

Designer line: Viezoe Lifestyle

Country Representing: Haiti


Designer Biography: Born in Port-au-Prince Haiti, Prince moved to Boston as a teenager where he first fell in love with music and fashion. Prince started designing a couple years ago. He designs everything even the material he uses. They are all original patterns.

Brief description of the collection: Viezoe Lifestyle will present their latest swimwear collection for men and women.

BCFW 2019 Featured Designers

Designer: Shen Bennett

Designer line: Blueprint by SHEN

Country Representing: ​Jamaica


Designer Biography: Blueprint by SHEN is a couture and glamour fashion brand specializing in custom designs for women of all shapes and sizes. CEO and Founder event planner turned designer Shen Bennett has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years. She has always had a passion for fashion and finally decided to create fashion designs that is now a movement for all women of all shapes and sizes. Shen Bennett launched her line in November 2018 for the Plus Size Couture Fashion Show created by Absolute Events by Shen and has not stopped creating since. Shen creates one of a kind signature pieces that will make you feel like you are on the red carpet in Hollywood, in Paris on the runway or at the Met Gala. Her goal is to dress all women in beautiful fabric that is affordable. You can find her designs at, blueprintbySHEN on Instagram and Facebook. 

Brief description of the collection:​ Blueprint by SHEN summer 2019 collection is entitled Jamaican Empresses - A fusion of lace, Jamaican pride and the new age Rastafarian culture. 

Designer: Shelbe Anderson

Designer line: Shelbe Anderson

Country Representing: United States


Designer Biography:  Shelbe Anderson is a recent graduate from Bay State College who is inspired by couture techniques. Her past collection is a message for women who have faced the most difficult challenges in life and these women were able to stand back up. The garments are to empower and the emotions are portrayed with hand painted motifs onto the garments. When not representing women, Shelbe likes to focus on current political issues using painted motifs and statements of victims painted on the garments, such as the recent change in Deca Policy.

Brief description of the collection: This collection is focused on couture techniques, structured bodices, and abnormal shapes for bodices.

Carnival Costume Designer: K'Sean Burrell-Nanton

Carnival Costume group: Mas n' Motion

Country Representing: Caribbean


Designer Biography: K'Sean Burrell-Nanton is a costume designer based in New England, Massachusetts. He designs carnival costumes and swimwear for the Caribbean festival. Growing up, he was constantly lost in the land of pencil shavings and costume sketches. His journey through designing has led him to this point. This is his first year participating in a Fashion Week and his aim is to bring designs that haven't seen on the road. 

​Mas n’ Motion is a carnival movement that focuses on spreading positivity and unity through upholding the Caribbean culture. Mas n' Motion stands for Masqueraders in Motion. They chose this name because they wanted to be associated with masqueraders coming together to obtain opportunities (not just limited to carnival) by networking and collaborating to elevate and promote each other.

Brief description of the collection: The collection presented is titled Crowned. These pieces are inspired by the Era where Queen Elizabeth 1 ruled and brought forth change during her reign.

Featured Designers

Designer: Ahsile Fearon

Designer line: Ahsile Collection

Country Representing: United States


Designer Biography:  Ahsile Fearon is a recent college graduate from Baystate College. She has been sewing since she was a freshmen in high school. When Fearon graduates, she wants to make a name for myself in the fashion industry.

Brief description of the collection: The collection will feature her work throughout her sewing career.

Designer: Jonee Anderson

Designer line: Jonee Anderson Designs

Country Representing: Jamaica

Designer Biography: Jonee Anderson is an American born Jamaican who loves to style and create with different prints and colors. She love to see women express themselves with the clothes they wear. Anderson likes to present those options for stylish women. 

Brief description of the collection: The collection will be full of vibrant colors and prints. It will be form fitting with different styles.