BCFW 2017 Featured Designers

Designer: Stephanie Raymond

Country Representing: Haiti

Website: https://www.facebook.com/LezBReaLFashionz/

Designer Biography: LezBReaL Fashionz is strictly a custom fashion line established in 2012 by Stephanie Raymond. Her designs are strong, sexy and refreshing. She does not believe in settling for anything mediocre so she designs with a unique vision that allows her and the women who wears her clothes to gain a sense of bad-assness that allows them to aim high and far beyond. LezBReaL Fashionz strives to award her customers with a special exclusive fashion experience that starts and ends with satisfaction.

Presentation: This collection was born while I was busy working on a puzzle piece dress project for Autism Project Runway in which I was the winner. That project woke up my artistic side while my creative mind was in the early stages of brewing and this collection was conceived. I call it my Paint Splatter collection. Art is and will always be my first love. Fashion my second. This collection is my realization of the powerful equilibrium of the two.

Designer: Sharisse Scott-Rawlins

Country Representing: Jamaica and Barbados

Website: http://bysharisse/instagram.com

Designer Biography: Sharisse Scott-Rawlins is a 2016 Fashion Design Graduate running her own small business "BySharisse." Sharisse attended Lasell College and London College of Fashion. She has been making custom designs since high school. With close attention to details and astonishing fabrics she aims to make each client or model feel like royalty in her one of a kind pieces. 

Presentation: Sharisse will present her senior collection with the addition of new pieces. The style is evening wear, very elegant and dramatic. 

Designer: Sparklle Thames

Country Representing: United States

Website: http://sparkllet.weebly.com/

Designer Biography: Since obtaining her degree in Fashion Design and Production at Lasell College in 2006, Sparklle Thames has been slowly making her stamp on the Boston fashion scene. Although she started out primarily as a lingerie designer, she has grown to become recognized for her well-structured and eye-catching corsets and bustiers.   She has also been known to show swimwear, as she did for 2008's Beauty and the Beats and 2011's BU fashion show. Also to her credits: Boston Fashion Expose 2008 and 2009, The Beast of Fashion (iMan Model Management Group) and the Elements of Pose,(Aidiree Fashion Agency) where she was able to show alongside Project Runway’s Korto Momolu. At the close of 2008, she was declared Designer of the Year by Style It Up, a local Boston cable show devoted to showcasing the talent of New England designers.  

In addition to making custom clothing, Sparklle T is also freelancing as a make-up artist.  She has been involved in countless projects, including television shows, music videos, fashion shows and many many more. Sparklle T's current focus remains on make-up artistry and custom clothing. She is also the Creative Director for Boston Caribbean Fashion Week.

Designer: Janéa Williams

Country Representing: United States

Website: https://www.instagram.com/janeacouture/

Designer Biography: Third year Massachusetts College of Art and Design fashion design student. She started designing from the age of nine years old. She is a self taught designer that is honing in her skills at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. 

Presentation: She will present a new a collection inspired by 90s hip hop fashion that merges both couture and street wear.

Designer: LiNA LiNDNER

Country Representing: United States

Website: https://linalindnerdesigns.wixsite.com/lina

Designer Biography: Lina's clothing is designed for a woman who wants to stand apart from others and challenge her individualism. Using inspirations drawn from retro counterculture, LiNA combines moods of independence, happiness, and movement. LiNA emphasizes the boldness of you. For the fierce and mysterious, find yourself in the expression of fashion. 

Presentation: The 1960's was a transformational period when respected values were challenged by a younger generation. Women resisted their expected roles and desired power over all aspects of their lives. With the release of “The Pill”, female rights bloomed and the sexual revolution began. This collection honors the era through whimsical designs and new technology that celebrate change and freedom. THiS iS CONTRACEPTiVE.

Designer: Khari Linton

Country Representing: Barbados

Website: https://klinton.carbonmade.com/

Designer Biography: From a young age, I’ve always known I wanted to be involved in the Fashion industry. If it was cutting out clothing from magazines and making a booklet of my own clothing “catalogue” to give to family or teaching myself to draft patterns as a teenager. In college, I got to hone in my skill set and explore my creativity. Throughout this I discovered that Menswear was my preference. I felt the void of fashion forward garments for men who weren’t afraid to take risks. My family is from Barbados and I’ve spent nearly every summer of my life and major holidays on the island. Visiting my “home” of Barbados has given me an opportunity to witness the fashion evolution's from a different standpoint than how I experience it here in Boston. Having a husband who is from Barbados as well also gives me a direct insight of menswear preferences and styling. The sounds of Soca music helps me to put my best foot forward in designing menswear that can appeal to many different consumers. 

Presentation: It’s a fact that fashion always repeats itself so in this collection, “The New Error”, I wanted to recreate previous staple pieces and vamp them up. My aesthetic is very much 80’s and 90’s street fashion. I wanted to use those elements to create pieces that are more relevant to now. My collection will appeal to those who appreciate simple silhouettes as well as those who aren’t afraid to try something new and make their own statement.

Featured Designers

Designer: Ashanah Tripp

Country Representing: United States

Website: https://ashanahtripp.wixsite.com/ashanahbydesign/trippy-manufacturing

Designer Biography: Ashanah Tripp is a 2017 graduate from Lasell College. During her time at Lasell, she became interested in sustainable practices within the fashion industry and the importance of individualism. Trippy Manufacturing was founded to bring playful eco- fashion wherever your adventures lead you. 

Presentation: Everything in the world contains energy. When we act, we move the energy. It’s hard not to stumble around,becoming lost in familiar ground. Find the positive energy within and let it explore onto your surroundings in NonPlussed.